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A Photoshoot For The Day

Price 5,000 KR

This type of photos sessions is for a Couple, a Single Person, a Private Group, a Swingers Group, Adult Models, an Entity, or an Adult Business wanting private space to be photographed. You choose the style and theme for the photo session or you can leave it up to my expertise to create something unique that works for you or your business.

When it comes to photography I take my work very seriously, when it comes to nude photography I take that to a whole nother level.
Being that there are such private and sensitive images I take my client's privacy very seriously.

I provide a wide range of packages from being normal, and private to not showing your images at all allowing you the client to buy the full 100% copyright of the images I create for you and never show them.

Such photo shoots can be a little bit difficult to price because some may involve two or more people and they may want to get to know me personally. So this may involve me spending a day or some hours with them getting to know them before we go into the shoot itself which may turn into multiple shoots within a few hours or even a few days.

Normally I would recommend my clients shoot at their place or a private location or hotel room suitable enough.

I do travel throughout Sweden on other Scandinavian countries but I do demand my travelling fees and living accommodations are paid for.

Living accommodations maybe a hotel room or me staying by the client themself if it's suitable.

The Private Photo Session includes the following:  

1. 150 lightly edited pictures.  No Photoshop retouching only lightly editing keeping the images all natural. 

2. 75 Colors and 75 Black and white. 

NOTE ( You have the option to choose a colour or black and white)

3. You will receive all 150 pictures sent to you by online wired cloud transfer within 4 - 5 Business days.

4. You will receive full copyright of the pictures.

5. Your pictures will be deleted immediately after you confirm the download to protect your privacy.

1. If you choose to give me copyrights use some images without showing any faces. You will receive a 10% discount.

2. If you choose to give me copyrights use some images showing faces. You will receive a 20% discount.

3. If you wish to have more images. This can be possible.

4. If you want to have printed. This can be possible. 

For bookings contact me Direct

Price starts at 5000 kr


1. If you wish for a more advice package with retouching please check out my photoshop for the day.

2. None of the images here are from my client's photoshoot. They are my own personal projects giving you ideas on how your photoshoot can turn out.