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Studio lighting can produce striking and professional results. You will be able to use professional lighting equipment for studio portraiture in this course. To achieve precise results, you will learn how to use light more controlled. Additionally, you will learn how different lighting equipment can create different moods in portraiture. After gaining this knowledge, you will be able to create excellent portraits of yourself.

4 Hours of photography one on one class and 1 hour of retouching class.

I provide all equipment but recommend you to bring your camera 

No Model Included you bring your own model

We Proved A Model 

What You Will Learn?

1. How to set up studio photography lighting.

2. How to control studio lighting.

3. Recommended Studio background size and color

4. Recommended essential lighting modifiers

5. 21 Different lighting setups 1, 2, 3, and 4 Lighting Setups.

6. How to pose your subject

7.1 Hour lesson on how to edit and Retouch images In Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

8. How to find models

9. Photography business tips and advice 


1. 1,000+ Posing cards

2. Take home the images you captured.

3. 30 Lighting setup cards.


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