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Sponsor Classy Sensual Lingerie or Fashion Photoshoot For Your Business

Model Selene

Would you like to sponsor this photoshoot?

I am currently looking for a Lingerie or Fashion brand to sponsor a Photoshoot of Mature Model Selene.

The images would be created for your business
What you will receive?

1. Unlimited images with Selene using your brand lingerie or fashion.

2. Copyrights to use the images for your own promotional use.

3. Post production Retouch and un Retouch images.

3. ( Optional ) Branding by Selene throughout her social media website tagging and mentioning your brand.


1. Lingerie or Fashion sets from your business.

2. Photoshoot location, Hotel, Rented Home, Outdoors, Studio, or at your Business

3. Traveling accommodations for myself as The Photographer.

4. Living accommodations for myself as The Photographer.

PLEASE NOTE. I and the Model will not be paid. If you would like to sponsor this photoshoot or have any questions.

Businesses outside Sweden can also sponsor this Photoshoot.

( Selene ) A little about myself
Hi. I'm a mature model from Sweden. I started modeling a couple of years ago when a friend of mine convinced me to try it out. I liked it because I'm a creative and versatile person and here I am today, still doing it.

Nello Johnson - About This Model.
Selene is a mature Swedish German Model living in Sweden. She has a quite unique quality look appeal for a woman of her age that brings out elegance and confidence in the Clothing and Lingerie she wears.
If attention to detail luxurious perfection is what your brand demands? Selene would be the perfect model to help your business reach more potential clients.

Lingerie or Fashion Requirements And What You Will Receive.

Max Lingerie or Fashion Sets 15

Locations. Helsingborg or any city near by.

Number of Photos your brand will receive? 3 - 6 images per Lingerie or Fashion Set. 90 Images Max

Contact me at

( 046 076 563 40 92 Mon - Sun 7 Days 9am 22.00"

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