Why are Wedding Photography so expensive in 2019? 

As a Photographer for me to answer this question you need to ask yourself the following question. 1. How important is your wedding day for you? 2. How important is your Wedding Dress or Suit? 3. How important is your wedding cake? 4. How important is it that your closest family Mother and Father attend your wedding? 5.How important is the weather to you on your wedding day? 6.The final question. How important is it that your kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren remember you on this day? Well I guess it's not important to you if you're questioning why a wedding Photographer is so expensive. Remember this in 3 - 8 Years no one will remember how your cake look like. Only you'll will remember as you give each other a slice of the cake. Still questioning why a Wedding Photographer is so expensive? Long story short. A wedding Photographer is someone that is there to capture moments that will last on prints for generations to come. NOW HOW IMPORTANT IS THAT TO YOU?

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