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A Photoshoot For The Day

Price 3900kr ( Half Payment of 1950kr is required 24hr before Photoshoot ) 

A photoshoot for the day is an editorial style of images created based on the theme or style you would like created. Such a photo shoot starts off with the planning involving conversations between myself and you the client. Understanding and developing the type of theme or style we will go be going for.

We started off by figuring out what style or theme you would like to go for and then developing a plan or strategy for how we going to create such a photo shoot to meet your needs. This can involve how many different outfits you plan to have, or maybe a replacement of the background may be required in Photoshop. How much editing you would like me to do?  Maybe you would like to look a bit slimmer or maybe you have blemishes that you want to remove. Maybe you want to look a couple of years younger whatever your case I will meet those needs with professional results. 

Photoshoot Time. 2 - 4 Hours.
Max Outfits 15
Max Person 4

25 retouch digital images
9 printed  Images. 11 x 15 cm Matt

1 Canvas 20 - 30 

( You Choose which images to be printed )

Delivery Time of prints and digital images 7 - 10 Business days 

Free Shipping to your address or pickup at my studio



Monthly payment plans ( Note half payment still required )

For me to travel outside my Studio in Sodermanland Vingåker, I charge 7 -25 SEK  / km.

The further I need to travel would most likely put me in the position of renting a hotel will raise my travelling price cost to accommodate my hotel living fees. Some circumstances may require me to stay in the city overnight because of the timing of the photo shoot and I'm not able to travel back that day. In this case, my charges will cover living accommodations.

NOTE. Optional. If you wish to cover living accommodations prices will be reduced.  Contact for more info

Need extra prints? Check here for sizes and pricing

Popular City In Sweden and Travelling Prices.

Stockholm/Uppsala - 995kr -  Overnight1,995kr

Gothenburg  Overnight only option  3,800kr

Malmö/Helsingborg/Lund - Overnight only option 4,000kr

Västerås/Linköping 800 - Overnight 1,800kr

Jönköping 2100 - Overnight 3,000kr

Norrköping 600 Overnight 1,600kr

Umeå Overnight only option 4,950kr

Örebro 550 - Overnight 1700kr


For travelling to other cities in Sweden or to other countries throwout Europe contact me directly for travelling costs. 

Email -  to book your time, write what times you can and which photoshoot package you are interested in.



Address: Billsbro Strömsborg 1, 643 91 Vingåker   
Hours:  9 - 18:00
Days M - 7 DAYS
Phone: ( 046) - 076-563 40 92  

( Calling Hours:  8 - 22.00)

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