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As a Photographer for me to answer this question you need to ask yourself the following question. 1. How important is your wedding day for you? 2. How important is your Wedding Dress or Suit? 3. How important is your wedding cake? 4. How important is it that your closest family Mother and Father attend your wedding? 5.How important is the weather to you on your wedding day? 6.The final question. How important is it that your kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren remember you on this day? Well I guess it's not important to you if you're questioning why a wedding Photographer is so expensive. Remember this in 3 - 8 Years no one will remember how your cake look like. Only you'll will remember as you give each other a slice of the cake. Still questioning why a Wedding Photographer is so expensive? Long story short. A wedding Photographer is someone that is there to capture moments that will last on prints for generations to come. NOW HOW IMPORTANT IS THAT TO YOU?

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Wedding Photography is widely popular worldwide and including Scandinavia countries Like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. But yet more than 75% of newly Weds doesn't have a wedding Photographer at there wedding.


Let's explore why something that is so popular but yet so little newly Weds have a wedding Photographer at their wedding.

Aw yes possible the biggest day of your life with so many things to do leading up to this big day and, of course, there are a lot of cost considerations. As a wedding photographer in Sweden, the first thing everyone asks me is: how much does a wedding photographer cost? The next question is Why is wedding photography so expensive? While I’d love to just be able to go around to Sweden an other European an Scandinavia countries take beautiful pictures for fun, the truth is that wedding photography is just plain pricey for several different reasons.


Trust me you are not alone and most people underestimate the value a wedding Photographer brings. Brides often regret not spending more on Wedding Photographer, so let’s start by talking about some hard numbers.

Wedding package options vary considerably and you will find a wide range of skills amongst the wedding photographers in Sweden an other European an Scandinavia countries including myself. The average price of wedding photography usually ranges from €1,400 to €3,800. Professional wedding photographers and amateur shooters will charge different rates, depending on their level of experience. You can check out the chart below to get a sense of how much the rates vary amongst different wedding photographers at different skill levels. Beginners might only charge €500, while top destination can cost well over €9,000 to get started.

So why is Wedding price so high and is a Professional Wedding Photography Worth It?

The real questions is how valuable are those images to you? While you may be in stock at the moment, it is important to think about why wedding photography is worth the price. You might have some friends or family members who went the DIY route with amateur photographers but, trust me, you are taking a big risk there. While Cousin Connor may have taken some lovely photos of your birthday party, do you really want to trust him or her with your wedding photography? These are photos that you will want to love forever and it really is critical to opt for the best photographer that you can afford.

I have talked to so many brides in Sweden

who regret not investing more in their wedding photography. They are actually part of a major trend. After the honeymoon is over, many couples end up wishing that they had spent more on their wedding photographer so that they could have better wedding photo album. After all, these are pictures that couples cherish for a lifetime and most importantly something your Grandkids and Great grandchildren will have memories off for generations to come.

A memorable moments when the bridesmaid shares a childhood gif to her best friend and bride to be. Tears came down with lots of hugs and I was there to capture it all.

Now the Million Dollar question.


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