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My name is Nello Johnson and I am a  Photographer and Retoucher Instructor based in Vingåker Södermanland Sweden.

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My Story

I am a native of  The Bahamas and living in Sweden for over 12 years.
Born in Nassau Bahamas and also spending much time on the island of  Eleuthera with my grandmother, I developed a love for playing basketball, track and field, and deep-sea diving. I worked as a carpenter at my Dad construction company for most of my life spent in The Bahamas. After a few years of living in Sweden, I developed a passion for photography, which turned into a full-time business over time.  All of this came about as a found it difficult to fluently speak the Swedish Language and not being able to find a long-term job. I got into the business of hosting a Victoria's Secret woman's home party. And this leads to the rise and my understanding of Professional Photography. 

My client list includes names such as Raven Reii, Rubysunset Doll Finest Studio, and Glamour Bunnies UK magazines amongst others.

My work is defined by precision lighting, shape, and colour. Most of my job normally starts off by understanding my client's needs, and then creating a 3D model and photoshoot environment in software.
I then create different styles to fit my client's needs. I provide my clients with different poses and a good understanding of the photo shoot in advance.

In my role as a model recruiter and photographer, I have worked with a number of adult model companies and onlyfans.

In addition, I am always open to working with more adult companies.

Clients & Collaborations

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