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In my role as a professional photographer from The Bahamas living in Sweden, I sincerely believe in providing my clients with high-quality breathtaking-unique photographs. My spacious home studio in Södermandland Vingaker can accommodate 12 people or optional I can travel to your city within Sweden or other European countries.

These are some of the services I provide as a photographer. 

I specialize in Portraits, Boudoirs, Editorial, Fine art nude, Glamour,  Hollywood Cinematic Portraits, Wedding, Fashion, and Couples or Single-Person Private Photoshoots.

Alternatively, I can travel to any city in Sweden or any other Scandinavian or European country for photoshoots.

​I have worked with over 32 magazines that have published my work and I have worked with dozens of Glamour, Beauty Salons, Fashion, and Adult companies worldwide.

Over 300 models from around the world have booked me for a shoot in Sweden or arranged for me to travel abroad. Celebs and models in the adult-onlyfans industry and beyond are included in this category.

For a free consultation, contact me today and let's talk about your photo shoot requirements.

What is the purpose of the initial consultation for a photoshoot?

Communication between me and you as the client throughout the photoshoot process is critical and helps to prevent any potential misunderstandings. A Pre-Session Consultation is a way to get the ball rolling. It's simply a conversation before the session to discuss what the goals and expectations of the session will be.

For example, we can discuss the styling of the photo shoot the lighting the photo editing, or the non-editing process and also including if you need payment options and options I can provide you additionally if you need prints or for a private photo shoot in which you need your images to remain private.

Address: Billsbro Strömsborg 1, 643 91 Vingåker


Monday 8 am–7 pm

Tuesday 8 am–7 pm

Wednesday 8 am–7 pm

Thursday 8 am–7 pm

Friday 8 am–7 pm

Saturday 8 am–7 pm

Sunday 8 am–7 pm

Phone076-563 40 92



Phone076-563 40 92

Call, Text or Throw WhatsApp 

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