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Sweden Based Photographer  

Nello Minus Johnson is a professional photographer from The Bahamas who now resides in Sweden.


He is known for his unique and glamorous style of photography. Nello's work covers personal or private photography for commercial advertising clients, general portraits, and events.


He has worked with several small brands and adult cam and glamour model companies throughout his career, and his work has been published in dozens of magazines worldwide.


Nello is confident in delivering outstanding work for his clients and their businesses.


My style of beauty portrait is simple and refreshing when one looks but completed in lighting and styling to make you look your absolute best. Capturing beauty, whether it's physical, inner, or creative, has the power to make people feel seen and valued. A Beauty Portrait is not just a photograph, it's a way to capture and celebrate the beauty that makes us unique and special. Generally speaking, beauty portraits are mostly used for commercial advertising use it can also be used in everyday portrait photography.

Beauty Portrait Photography Price from 1,999kr.

For commercial beauty photoshoots such as beauty salons and so on, contact me directly for inquiries to discuss your ideas and get a price quote.

Click below to see my full portrait collection and more info about pricing and what's included.  


Here's a sample content for "Why every woman should do a boudoir shoot":

A boudoir shoot is not just about taking sexy photos, it's about celebrating your unique beauty. As a woman, you might tend to focus on your flaws and forget about your strengths. A boudoir session will give you a glimpse at the ways other people see you, and help you appreciate your body and your femininity. So, if you want to boost your confidence and feel empowered, book a boudoir shoot today!  

​Are boudoir photos a good gift?


Absolutely! Boudoir photos are an excellent choice for a gift, especially for weddings and anniversaries. They offer a unique and intimate way to express your love and appreciation for your partner


I create unique photographs that capture special moments and showcase your business and branding to potential clients.
Visit my commercial photography collections of images below or for inquiries contact me directly.